Exclusive Retreat In Slovak Mountains

I N D I V I D U A L S – C O U P L E S – C O R P O R A T E   B O O K I N G S

Where Luxury Meets Transformation

Welcome to my Exclusive Mountain Retreat, an unforgettable luxury coaching | development | transformation experience within stunning surroundings of Slovak mountains.  The retreat combines dedicated personal | business coaching  with winter activities- and plenty of them- to achieve desired change and transformation. Exclusive Winter Retreat is hosted in 5* Kempinski Hotel in High Tatras; the most luxurious hotel in Slovakia. The area offers skiing, sledging, hiking and other fun activities to try out during your stay.

It is well known in psychology that minds respond well to learning and training in peaceful, luxury and comfortable surroundings and that is the aim of the retreat- to provide optimum environment for your coaching and therapy. The retreat is tailored to your exact requirements and needs. The minimum recommended term to truly benefit from the retreat is two full days on the programme, but one-day programmes are also available. The tailored programme will be based around personal issues, professional issues or a combination of both.

Your Exclusive Winter Retreat will be planned out before it starts and you will have your full itinerary before travel. To get started, you will receive a complimentary consultation with Personal/ Business Coach and a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist Ivana Franekova to make sure your issues are suited to the programme.

When you arrive at your retreat, you will be given plenty of time to settle into your accommodation. This is your welcoming and warm, personal sanctuary. We will then have our first coaching session to discuss goals and objectives we will work on during your stay. Your Winter Retreat is treated as strictly confidential.


Total Privacy & Confidentiality

Personal & Professional Development In Total Privacy

Secluded Retreat Locations

Sometimes, clients worry about seeking help. They worry about what their spouse/ partner/ work colleagues will think about them seeking a Coach/ Therapist. The Retreats offer absolute confidentiality and privacy, allowing clients to escape the ‘real world’ for a few days and to really work on those goals and objectives. Imagine going away for a few days and coming back as a changed person; that is the aim of our Retreats.

Faster Results In Short Time

Dynamic Sessions, Try Out In Real Life

Lasting, Measurable Transformation

My clients are busy people. With weekly sessions, things get in a way, focus gets distorted, sessions get cancelled/ postponed. Retreats provide DYNAMIC sessions that set measurable, observable results. Clients WORK on achieving them in a short space of time. Sessions are held in-house and whilst doing activities; this dynamic set-up provides different views on problems and lets the clients ‘try out’ the tools they learn in ‘real life’.

Receive Your Own 'Tool Box'

All your Techniques & Tools in your own 'Tool Box'

Leave Retreat With Detailed Tool Box

During your Retreat, we will cover many techniques and tools for you to work with in real life. At the end of your Retreat, these will be put into a special folder created just for you, called ‘Tool Box’. Your Tool Box will be a reminder of your Transformation Retreat and will offer guidance and support when you need it. When particular issue arises, you’ll be able to refer to your Tool Box and select a method to best deal with that issue.

Retreats are focused on Personal & Professional Transformation:

Personal Transformation (Life Coaching)

Dedicated, custom-designed Retreats to get you to where you want to be in life. Learn new life skills to help you with anxiety, low self-confidence, managing work/ life balance,  communication skills, performance skills, relationship (social & work) skills and much more. Can be combined with business coaching. Individuals | Family Groups welcome.

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Professional Transformation (Business Coaching)

Suited to CEOs, Directors, Managers & Entrepreneurs wishing to gain new skills in leadership, effective staff management, performance, assertive communication and much more. Perfect for clients transferring to a new role/ going through a career change. Ideal for the employees and Team Building. Can be combined with personal coaching. Individuals and Groups welcome.

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Every Retreat we run is carefully designed to client’s exact specifications. Typically, coaching sessions are carried out in 2-hour-slots, followed by an hour-long break, to allow the changes to ‘grow into’ your lifestyle. The breaks between the sessions will also serve as time to rest and to reflect: an opportunity for you to simply unwind and gain perspective. We are happy to accommodate your own preferences in terms of coaching delivery- after all, it’s about you. We will go at the pace that suits you and the one you respond to well. Our sessions are Dynamic and Interactive, meaning you will be able to ‘test out’ what you learn in real life.

Our Winter Retreats offer a host of activities for you to enjoy. These include:

  • Yoga;

  • Walking;

  • Skiing;

  • Swimming;

  • Sightseeing;

  • Spas;

  • And much more!


Choose From Weekday Breaks (Monday- Wednesday) Or Long Weekends (Thursday- Sunday)

Basic Prices:

3-Day Luxury Transformation Program Starts From £5000 Per Person.

Reserve Your Retreat- Complimentary Consultation:

*Not sure The Retreats would be right for you? No problem- take FREE Life Analysis’ and see what type of coaching would be best suited to your needs:

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