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London Locations: The Ritz Hotel & Claridges


Total Privacy & Confidentiality

Personal & Professional Development In Total Privacy

Secluded Retreat Locations

Sometimes, clients worry about seeking help. They worry about what their spouse/ partner/ work colleagues will think about them seeking a Coach/ Therapist. The Retreats offer absolute confidentiality and privacy, allowing clients to escape the ‘real world’ for a few days and to really work on those goals and objectives. Imagine going away for a few days and coming back as a changed person; that is the aim of our Retreats.

Faster Results In Short Time

Dynamic Sessions, Try Out In Real Life

Lasting, Measurable Transformation

My clients are busy people. With weekly sessions, things get in a way, focus gets distorted, sessions get cancelled/ postponed. Retreats provide DYNAMIC sessions that set measurable, observable results. Clients WORK on achieving them in a short space of time. Sessions are held in-house and whilst doing activities; this dynamic set-up provides different views on problems and lets the clients ‘try out’ the tools they learn in ‘real life’.

Receive Your Own 'Tool Box'

All your Techniques & Tools in your own 'Tool Box'

Leave Retreat With Detailed Tool Box

During your Retreat, we will cover many techniques and tools for you to work with in real life. At the end of your Retreat, these will be put into a special folder created just for you, called ‘Tool Box’. Your Tool Box will be a reminder of your Transformation Retreat and will offer guidance and support when you need it. When particular issue arises, you’ll be able to refer to your Tool Box and select a method to best deal with that issue.

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