Online Therapy & Coaching

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As Online Therapy is becoming a 'New Norm', I am providing some practical information to help you understand what to expect with online sessions and provide some tips to make sure the process runs smoothly. It is understood that some people may feel uncertain about having sessions online, but they are as effective as meeting [...]

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How To Make Great First Impressions

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Do first impressions count? YES. Often, we form an opinion about a person before he or she even speaks to us. Communication consists of 2 parts: Verbal, when we say and listen to the words spoken out loud; And Non-Verbal, also called a body language. While it’s not true that body language makes up 93% of [...]

How To Leave Toxic Relationship

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Today we will be looking at how to leave toxic relationship and what to do to help ourselves recover in the best way possible. I won’t say in the fastest way possible, because I believe we all deal with the grief differently and we should not hurry this process up- the suppressed feelings will come [...]

Dealing With Criticism

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Dealing with criticism positively is an important life skill and has a lot to do with your confidence and your general outlook on life, as well as your experience with criticism. In this article, we are going to be looking at the types of criticism and how to deal with them. At some point in [...]

Effective Communication In Relationships

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We as human beings are sociable, interacting with people on daily basis.  Often, our happiness and mood depends on how the interactions with those around us go.  This is especially true of those whom we care about, mainly our close friends as well as partners/ spouses. But working relationships are equally important, enabling us to [...]

7 Tips On How To Make Blended Family Work

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Before we get started, I would like to introduce you to and explain the concept ‘Blended Families’, as some of you may be unaware of this term. ‘Blended Family’ is, in its core, a step-family system. A married couple with children divorces, and then either one or both of the partners go on to re-marry, [...]

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