Online Therapy & Coaching

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As Online Therapy is becoming a 'New Norm', I am providing some practical information to help you understand what to expect with online sessions and provide some tips to make sure the process runs smoothly. It is understood that some people may feel uncertain about having sessions online, but they are as effective as meeting [...]

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Relationship Values And Boundaries

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If you’re having relationship problems, it may be a good idea to get down to basics and check in with your relationship values, and consequently boundaries. 2020 is a year that shook all of us. What I hear from clients is: ‘Nothing makes sense.’ This statement, and feeling, creates a level of uncertainty in our [...]

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7 Ways To Make Your Relationship Great

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Fact: Great relationships don’t just happen. They require a lot of effort by both partners to make them great. I’ve heard many clients state that, “If I have to work at it, then it’s not the right relationship for me.” This is a wrong statement altogether. Think about it:  to maintain a good health, for [...]

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