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Life Coach & CBT Therapist Ivana Franekova Thank you for looking at my pages. I’m an established Harley Street Coach & CBT Therapist with over 14 years of experience. By using both Coaching & CBT methods in my practice, I offer a wide range of therapy tools, carefully tailored and adjusted to your needs. CBT Therapy works on changing perception and subsequent resultant emotions & actions, whilst coaching looks firmly to the future, structuring new steps to take and new resources to gain and implement into your life. I believe that by combining both methods, clients truly benefit from the therapies I offer, delivering extremely high success rate.

The Lux Retreat-UK

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WELCOME TO The Lux Retreat The Lux Retreat Programme, known for its excellence and attention to detail, combines dedicated support with luxury surroundings to achieve desired change and transformation. The Lux Retreat is hosted in private luxury accommodation in Hampshire, Hertfordshire and London, depending on your preference. It is well known in psychology [...]

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Effective Staff Management Workshop

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Fact: Your employees are the ones making your vision a reality, and your job is to make sure they do it efficiently. Find out how to be an Effective Manager- join me at my comprehensive, information-packed 'Effective Staff Management Workshop'. Run every second Saturday of the month at Liverpool Street, City Of London! With Life/ Business [...]

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‘How To Have A Happy, Healthy Marriage’ Wedding Course

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Wedding Gifts/ Experiences for Brides and Grooms ‘How to Have a Happy, Healthy Marriage’ Wedding Course You are taking probably the biggest step of your life by getting married, yet no-one prepares you for it. Until now.  *Suitable for both brides and grooms; the course can either be taken separately (arranged [...]

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How Guys Deal With A Break-Up

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If you just broke up with your guy after a long relationship, you will probably notice a few behavioural traits in your ex that may make you feel shocked, angry, frustrated and sad. There you are, trying to nurse a broken heart while your ex had seemingly moved on without giving you a second thought. These [...]

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7 Ways To Make Your Relationship Great

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Fact: Great relationships don’t just happen. They require a lot of effort by both partners to make them great. I’ve heard many clients state that, “If I have to work at it, then it’s not the right relationship for me.” This is a wrong statement altogether. Think about it:  to maintain a good health, for instance, [...]

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Success And Failure In Business

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Some people have the notion that if they “Can’t do it right, they won’t do it at all.” This is a strategy to avoid the possibility and likelihood of failure. I find that ironic since failure in business is inevitable. If you are playing the game of business, it will happen. You will fail. Every [...]

How To Make Great First Impressions

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Do first impressions count? The answer is clear: YES. Often, we form an opinion about a person before he or she even speaks to us. Communication consists of 2 parts: Verbal, when we say and listen to the words spoken out loud; And Non-Verbal, also called a body language. While it’s not true that body language makes [...]

How To Leave Toxic Relationship

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Today we will be looking at how to leave a toxic relationship and what to do to help ourselves recover in the best way possible. I won’t say in the fastest way possible, because I believe we all deal with the grief differently and we should not hurry this process up- the suppressed feelings will [...]

Five Relationship Killers

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We live at the age where many relationships fail, especially in early stages. I have found five main reasons that kill early relationships: CONTROLLING BEHAVIOUR The early days of a new relationship can be scary and uncertain. Because you do not know where you stand, you have a deep fear of rejection which can then bring on a [...]