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16 Days Anxiety Transformation Program

16 Days Anxiety Program, Consisting Of:

Two Intensive Anxiety Transformation Days &

Daily Telephone/ Email Support For Two Weeks After Delivery

Anxiety-Based Coaching and CBT Program

Location Delivery:

My private practices: City Of London (UK); Slovakia- Bratislava.

Your own location: Anywhere in the world, prior to agreement.

As a base program for your ‘Luxury Transformation Retreat’.



This 16-day Intensive Anxiety Program is based on anxiety-related issues and combines coaching with cognitive behavioural therapy for best results. It starts with two intensive transformation days, working from 9 am till 6 pm. The program is then followed by daily support via telephone/ email for the full two weeks.

This program is suitable for you if:

  • Your personal and/or professional issues have an underlying anxiety problem;

  • You find yourself predicting, mind-reading and catastrophizing often;

  • You regularly have anxiety issues and occasional/ frequent panic attacks;

  • You constantly question/ doubt everything you do;

  • Friends and family describe you as ‘negative’ or ‘pessimistic’ often.

These then translate into:

  • Social problems (isolation, doubting yourself, communication issues);

  • Escapism or avoidance (safety mechanisms that in fact hinder your progress);

  • Relationship problems (personal & business);

  • Work-related problems (inability to ask for promotion, lack of assertiveness);

  • Day-to-day life is controlled by your anxiety- you have no control over it;

Further negative thinking patterns (often remaining unconscious and thought of as ‘correct way of thinking’):

  • Negative Thinking;

  • Negative Beliefs;

  • Negative Assumptions;

  • Catastrophizing;

  • Mind-Reading;

  • Absolutism- All or Nothing;

  • Blaming (if something happens, people either blame you or you blame people for your problems);

  • How many did you find yourself in?

By mastering Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and other useful coaching tools, you will:

  • Become aware of what is going on in your mind;

  • Be able to identify thoughts and feelings easily;

  • Recognise how negative thoughts and feelings affect how you act and behave;

  • Gain the power to CHANGE negative thinking bias and shift negative beliefs;

  • CHOOSE what to think, what to feel and consequently how to behave (decide to be happy);

  • Develop awareness, acceptance and resilience that will guide you through the next steps of your life and any transition periods you will face.

  • And most importantly, you will learn to MANAGE YOUR ANXIETY.


(Please note this program schedule can be altered to individual circumstances)

Day 1:

9 am till 11 am:

Introduction to anxiety- Thoughts- Feelings- Behaviour- What role do they play in anxiety

  1. What causes anxiety?
  2. The anxiety spiral;
  3. CBT to the rescue;
  4. The basic premise of CBT;
  5. Try it to understand it;
  6. Talking the talk;
  7. Applying CBT to the presented issues.

11 am till 11.30:

Coffee break

Going over what we have learned; making sure we understand all that we learned so far.

11.30 am till 12.30 pm:

Back to work- Thoughts:

  1. Negative automatic thoughts;
  2. Recognizing negative thoughts and looking at developed patterns;
  3. Making connections- joining the dots;

12.30 pm till 1.30 pm:

Lunch break.

1.30 pm till 3 pm:

The link between what we think and how we feel in anxiety

  1. The power of our thoughts;
  2. The ‘casual’ thoughts;
  3. The ‘Downward Arrow’ technique;
  4. Practice what we’re learning and applying it to our situation.

3 pm till 5 pm:

Introducing coaching tools and combining them with learned cognitive behavioural therapy tools and how to apply them to anxiety

Introduction of coaching tools depends on the presented issues. At this point, we need to let the important CBT transformation changes ‘seep into’ our minds and let them work their magic. By adding a few lighter coaching tools, we aim to equip you well for facing short-term challenges.

Coaching tools mostly introduced during the program:

  1. Communication methods, especially assertiveness;
  2. Social skills, business skills, relationship skills;
  3. Work/life balance management;
  4. Time management.

Day 2:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: Examining and responding to negative thoughts in anxiety

9 am till 11 am:

  1. Negative thoughts: are they REALLY true?
  2. Work, work, work! Yes, pen and paper out at all times;
  3. Recognizing and looking at faulty thinking styles.

11 am till 11.30 am:

Coffee break- time to reflect and stretch

11.30 am till 12.30 pm:

Playing detective- anxiety

Checking for evidence. This is where the transformation fun starts!

12.30 pm till 1.30 pm:

Lunch break, perhaps a walk to let the changes ‘seep in’

1.30 pm till 3 pm:

Anxiety and other emotions- identifying and managing them:

  1. Identifying your emotions (harder than it sounds!)
  2. Becoming emotionally intelligent;
  3. Don’t fool yourself;
  4. Is it really how I’m feeling?

3 pm till 5 pm

Behavioural part in anxiety and closing references for the future

  1. What are you doing as a result of your anxiety? (safety mechanisms);
  2. The role of the behaviour;
  3. Behavioural change.



After your Two Anxiety Transformation Program Days, you will go back to your normal environment and start applying CBT and Coaching techniques to your life. We will set up a daily catch-up, during which we’ll discuss how you’re getting on with your new skills. I will be there to help you with every obstacle you’re facing and together we will make sure your goals and objectives are implemented correctly.

Typically, our daily conversations will be held over the phone and last about 30 minutes.


The program can be used with our ‘Luxury Retreats’  (with luxury holiday aspect built in) or delivered in my private practices in London (UK) and Slovakia.

Your own preferred location is welcome, as long it provides optimum environment.

*Please note the program DOES NOT ‘CURE’ ANXIETY straight away; it’s a start of a long process. Please retain realistic expectations when attending the program. You have been used to thinking a certain way for a long time- perhaps years- and it takes time, work and dedication to change that. The program will equip you with structured, systematic CBT and Coaching methods on which you will build your future thought processes and behaviours. CBT is NOT a quick fix- it’s little victories every day you work on yourself. I’m here to support you all the way.

This particular program can be applied to depression as well- please ask for a complimentary consultation to discuss your symptoms first.

Advantages of my 16 Days Anxiety Transformation Program:

  • My transformation programs are lasting and life-changing;

  • Because it’s an Intensive Program you FOCUS more; you’re also motivated to see the program through, as opposed to taking weekly sessions and coming up with excuses not to attend/ continue;

  • Changes happen If YOU DO YOUR PART, COMMIT TO THE PROGRAM AND WORK ON THE TASKS GIVEN. I can not stress this point enough; I can give you the tools and my unlimited support, but YOU- and only YOU- can make these changes.

  • I provide UNLIMITED SUPPORT TO MAKE SURE CHANGES AND GOALS ARE IMPLEMENTED CORRECTLY AND SUCCESSFULLY even after the program ends. I want you to do well and keep applying what you learned into your life.

  • By using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, the results and changes will be measurable, observable and flexible.

  • During the Intensive Transformation Part of the program (first 2 days), you can request an additional half/ full day of therapy if you feel it would be beneficial. I may suggest an extra time myself- every client is different and some may need more time for the changes to ‘sink in’.

  • You leave the program with your own ‘Tool Box’ that will contain all your new techniques and skills, which you can always refer to in the future. We are not just changing who you are now- we want to make sure these changes STAY.

Start Today- Request A Complimentary Consultation:

About Your Life/ Business Coach & Cognitive Behavioural Therapist Ivana Franekova:

I’m a Life Coach, an Executive (Business Coach) and a Cognitive Behavior Therapist. I mainly work with the Executives, CEOs, Entrepreneurs & Business Owners whose busy, stressful lives cause emotional and physical damage to their otherwise successful lives.

To date, I have had over 200 clients and 14 years of coaching and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy experience. I have private practices in London (Liverpool Street) and Slovakia, and I travel all over the world, delivering my Anxiety Transformation programs.

Even though I have become a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist over 14 years ago, I have only seen how powerful this therapy is when I fell into deep depression myself a few years ago. People were saying, how can you have a depression when you’re a therapist? But it can happen to anyone, and when it hit me, it hit me hard.

I took 5 months off work and, for the first 2 months, I did nothing. I thought the symptoms would pass. But I wasn’t getting any better and decided I was going to try and help myself.

By now, depression and anxiety were walking hand-in-hand in my case. When I wasn’t depressed, I was anxious. Low self-esteem hit; unresolved issues from the past threatened to worsen my condition even more. I sat down and that first day, I worked for 4 hours on myself, just as I have done with the clients in the past. But now I truly saw for myself how powerful CBT was. Everything suddenly made perfect sense; everything I wrote down and worked on was a step towards getting better.

Having been through a mental health illness myself had helped me become a better therapist. I know people need time with recovery, whether it’s an anxiety, addiction or depression; I know what to look for in every sentence they say. I was a good therapist before my own illness, but I’m much better  now. That is why I created my Transformation Programs. I was able to work intensively on myself and see the results in a much shorter time than during a traditional weekly therapy, and I felt better fairly soon (something I never thought was possible with CBT before). I know others can achieve that too.

I will push you because I want you to achieve your goals; but I will also listen to you. We will go at your own pace. If needed, we’ll add more days to the program. We will do whatever it takes to loosen that grip your current thought processes have on you and introduce far better choices.


‘I would not hesitate to recommend Ivana to anyone who is looking for help.

Quite simply she is excellent.

From the moment you meet Ivana, you know you are dealing with someone at the top of the industry.

She has a wonderful style that makes you feel at ease straight away and she explains clearly how she can help you which gives you immediate confidence that there is light at the end of the dark tunnel you are probably in.

I was in that dark dark tunnel having reached the end of a very stressful senior executive role – CEO of a global enterprise for over a decade – and needed a lot of help.

Ivana was amazing and did not hesitate to go the extra mile in helping me overcome my challenges.

The light is now back on on in my tunnel and I have the tools I need to deal with any situation.

Don’t hesitate to go and meet Ivana – she is world class and she will help you switch your light back on and deal with your challenges.’

Paul S., CEO, Cobra Group

‘Ivana is a complete breath of fresh air. Understanding where you want to go, then creating the path to tread along sounds simple, but is complex and a series of issues, complicated by the fact they are all tied up together. Ivana unravels them. I have had many coaches in my business and personal career, I can honestly say that Ivana is one of the very best. Her ability to focus upon the core issues, map out sensible road maps and work on any blockages with a practical methodology is second to none. Her totally professional approach and commitment to the cause makes one feel very supported. She has a special talent to understand what is happening under the surface. I have no hesitation to recommend Ivana most highly.’

Robin, CEO

‘We have had major issues in our marriage when we first contacted Ivana. In a relatively short period of time (2 months), she had worked with us on restoring balance in our marriage, love for each other and harmony. We are now so happy. She works in pleasant environment and will go to great lengths to help clients. Highly recommended.’

Maria & Karol

‘Initially I contacted Ivana with the view to boost my confidence so that I can find a new partner . As I have had so much baggage from my previous marriage, the first few sessions were spent on ‘clearing the mess out’ which was a real life-changer. As time went on and my confidence grew, we delved into what I really wanted to do and I realised my passion was to open a new business of my dreams and NOT to find a partner as I originally thought. I was being pressured into it by my parents. Ivana brought in the clarity and understanding of what I really wanted in my life, taught me how to put myself first without hurting others and how to develop an adult-to-adult relationships to help launch my new business. Fantastic experience.’

Arun, Business Owner

‘Ivana is a true professional within the coaching and counselling industry. We have worked with her now for around 3 years and she has provided relationship coaching to a huge number of our clients in that time. The feedback from whom has always been very positive. We are proud to have Ivana working on our team.’

Mike P., Dating Options Ltd

‘My confidence was at an all-time low when I decided to ask Ivana for help. It mainly affected my guitar performances and approaching potential new dates. I started noticing the difference after 2 sessions- I was able to recognise how my own beliefs held me back. I have had 6 sessions with Coach Ivana and it gave my a whole new perspective on life. I couldn’t ask for a better professional.’

John, Director of Media Company

‘Ivana provided me with some coaching and advice earlier this year, especially when I was thinking about a number of choices and options in my career and personal life. She was highly professional, methodical and approachable – and helped me bring real clarity to my thinking, giving me more confidence in what I needed to do. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Ivana’

Ed D., Wealth Management

‘As an Employment Support Officer on the Love London Working programme, I help those from vulnerable groups in their pursuit for work. Recently, Ivana provided some one-to-one CBT at the Lido Centre in Ealing, which proved very beneficial to those clients that she saw. Due to the feedback from my clients and the professional and empathetic manner in which Ivana approached her work, I’m planning further support sessions for my clients with Ivana, to increase their chances of securing sustainable employment.’

Jude B., Employment & Skills Broker, Ealing