boost your confidenceBoosting your confidence is beneficial to you and your life. However, it is easier said than done as without a proper knowledge, people simply have no idea where to start. We get ‘stuck’ in our comfort zone and despite knowing we should do something about it, sometimes it really is easier to remain there. So how do you boost your confidence?

Here are my 3 top tips on boosting your confidence:

1) Accepting other people’s criticism is a way of life, but not choosing to give in to it is a way forward.  If you let criticism of others get to you, be it at work or in your personal life, your self-confidence will be low as a consequence. Boosting confidence is possible and indeed achievable, but there will always be people around you who would want to bring you back down. Don’t let other people’s insecurities shatter your confidence. If someone makes a horrible comment about you or is unfairly rude to you, do not take it personally. I have written an article previously on how to deal with criticism and it can be found here. Bottom line is, boosting your confidence will not go to plan if you listen to toxic people around you.

2) Putting yourself first. By this I do NOT mean being negatively selfish to the point of hurting others. Sometimes a simple boost to our confidence can be something as simple as a compromise with a family member or a friend. Do you feel like you’re doing too much for someone without getting anything back? Stop right now. Take a step back and reevaluate the situation. What’s in it for you? Are your needs met?  Deciding to put yourself first without hurting others will be a huge boost to your confidence.

3) Get out of your comfort zone. If you’ve been single for a while and you’d love to meet someone, look at your past and current actions. What have you done to meet the person you desire? Again, many times we will blame a lack of action on low self-confidence, but a great boost to our confidence could be taking a simple step outside of our comfort zone. For example, if online dating isn’t working for you, try other methods of dating. I personally think Speed Dating is a wonderful way to meet people. The experience will be a guaranteed boost to your confidence.

I now would like you to list 3 new things that you will do next week. Make sure these events or experiences are right out of your comfort zone. This is not about a success or a failure; this is about boosting your confidence bit by bit. By doing something new, you will open your mind and your heart to the whole new world and your confidence levels will improve as you go along.

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