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Thank you for looking at my website. If you’re hurting, you’re in the right place to get professional, empathetic help, guidance and support.

Let’s face it, life can be tough sometimes. If you’re looking at this page, chances are something in your life doesn’t feel right. Maybe you feel stuck in your personal or professional life. Perhaps you feel more anxious, worried and stressed, than usual.

Life can be unpredictable. Our well-organized life structure can spiral into chaos and uncertainty within days. Collapse like a house of cards.

It can be triggered by anything. Transitional stages (both bad and good can bring on extra stress and anxiety). Loss. Extra personal or professional load. 

When our usual coping resources aren’t enough to carry us through these changes, we need help.

That’s where I come in. I will guide you through this difficult time and introduce you to new ways of managing these situations. 


My name is Ivana Franekova. I’m a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist and a Life Coach, with over 12 years of experience.


I offer therapy and coaching for stress, anxiety, relationships, assertiveness and much more. I combine traditional Psychotherapy (CBT Therapy) with Life Coaching.


I have a hybrid working model in place. You will have a choice of therapy approach and delivery.

In Media:

Over the years, I have been featured in a number of UK magazines and online publications. I have given expert tips and advice on Worry, Anxiety, Stress, Relationships & Dating.

Publications include:

Marie Claire; Psychologies; Pick Me Up; The Sybarite; Metro and many more:


  • Stress & Anxiety;

  • Confidence;

  • Social and communication skills;

  • Work | Life Balance;

  • Transitional Stages (Children leaving home, new job).

Start With Complimentary Consultation:

Blended CBT Therapy & Life Coaching Approach:


The key idea behind CBT Therapy is that what we think (cognitive) and what we do (behavioral) impacts the way we feel.

Anxiety, Depression and Stress may feel like ‘we’re stuck in a vicious cycle we can’t get out of’. CBT tools and techniques break that vicious cycle and introduce you to new ways of managing and coping with Mental Health issues.

*CBT is a Number One talking therapy for Mental Health Issues, recommended and supported by NHS.


Life Coaching looks at the IMPACT of your problems and issues on your life. For example, if you struggle with Social Anxiety, your ability to stand up for yourself (assertivity) may be affected. In that case, Life Coaching may provide you with Communication Skills Training and confidence-building skills, whilst CBT Therapy works ON and WITH Social Anxiety itself.

Depending on what areas are affected, you may be further introduced to:

Relaxation Skills; Self-Care Skills; Personal & Professional Development skills; Building resources and support networks; Effective Communication skills; And much more.

Most popular Workshop:

Confidence & Assertiveness Workshop- 3 Hours Long- You will learn:

  • How to STOP under-valuing yourself;

  • How to STOP feeling guilty when saying ‘NO’ to people;

  • Powerful Communication Methods, including ‘Transactional Analysis’ to understand the roles we play in personal and professional communications;

  • How to identify what is getting in a way of being assertive;

  • And much more.

Let’s find out if we can work together- book Complimentary Consultation:

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